Desi Desiderio

Desi is a dynamic business developer with outstanding success in developing sales teams and revenue generation. A skill set in managing, sales, administering marketing campaigns, opportunity identification, launching new products and the co-author of Street Smart Inbound Selling, Inbound Marketing Shop’s Sales Training Program. He is certified in HubSpot Inbound Sales and HubSpot Sales Software. Some of his business prowess includes strong entrepreneurial leadership, creativity, and an ability to motivate others.

Triangulate Sales Rep and Buyer against problem-screen

3 min read

How to Get Buyers to Value Your Sales Reps

There are many salespeople who are so focused on selling or promoting their products that they lose sight of the internal process and experience of the buyer. How we're able to communicate these days has also changed the landscape for buying and...

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2 min read

The Two Weakest Links in the Sales Process

Always intended but easy to overlook as the days go by, follow-up in the sales process is often the first area I zero in on when helping someone...

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2 min read

Discover What Your Sales Process is Missing

We all know the game. Market your products or services (hopefully using the inbound approach), collect the leads and then you get the sales…right? If...

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