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HubSpot Sales Enablement Benefits from a HUG in Huntsville, AL

Lisa Isbell

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Marketing-driven sales enablement strategies based on relevant, accurate data are key to maintaining and increasing the revenue of your business; small or large. In Huntsville, Alabama, August 22nd, 2019, there's a very considerable HUG you might want to attend.

cdn2.hubspot.nethubfs2707296Sales Enablement HsvHUG August 2019 500x500Now you don't need to be some marketing savant to attend a Hubspot User Group (HUG). HUGs are designed specifically for those who are interested in determining how best to use methodology pertaining to inbound marketing. These techniques apply not only to marketing, but to sales and customer service as well. HubSpot makes it their mission to do these things in more efficient, manageable ways and there are free versions of each of their software solutions. These tools focus on several key areas: 

  • Marketing 
  • Sales
  • Customer Service

The second of these three is the primary focus of this writing, and it's best accomplished through sales and marketing teams working together to co-opt information and practices into unified output. Sales enablement is a renewed discipline that has become much more achievable due to tech innovations. It's helping businesses harness the digital "wild west", if you will. At the upcoming Huntsville HUG, you have the opportunity to learn what it is and how you can put it to work for your business. Three key areas will be explored to help you get a better idea how best to enable sales:

  • Content
  • Processes
  • Technology

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A Closer Look at the Marketing Role in Sales Enablement

Inbound content you produce must be qualitative, representative, and have the ability to resonate with target markets. Processes involved in content design, distribution, and maximization must additionally be pursued to achieve greatest Return On Investment (ROI). Simply put, it must help your sales team close more deals.

Technology assists you in managing content in terms of blogs, white papers, and even emails. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enters the picture here, to take content and efficiently use it to assist in generating sales. 

HubSpot sales enablement techniques help determine which technology and processes to apply to content for the best results wherever you happen to be in terms of business. But these things, though easy to summarize, don't happen in a vacuum.

You've got to put dedicated effort into techniques, and it can take more than just an hour or two here and there. Dedication is necessary. Marketing will use a set of skills to attract the most qualified audience and your sales team will use what they can uncover to more efficiently use their skillset to close sales. With this in mind, consider these key details pertaining to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), analytics, reporting, and lead qualification involved with inbound marketing production.

Analytical Implementation

One of the most important HubSpot sales enablement tools involves analytics. Owing to cloud computing and the Internet of Things, it's more possible now than ever to get relevant information on the most minute aspects of marketing content. You can get analytic data pertaining to direct engagement with it, click-through rates, bounce rates, and varying marketing trends. There's a lot of information to parse through here, and some of it may or may not be relevant to your particular situation. 

Reporting Standardization

If you're going to get the data you need on a regular basis, it will require some level of standardization. HubSpot sales enablement strategies pave the way for this to allow you to streamline operations.

Several common standardization reports include how salespeople log activities, delivery of product demos, a catalog of deals either won or lost, and information pertaining to lead generation. Which tactics generated leads, which didn't? Reports should show increases and decreases over time, allowing you to push techniques that work, and either eliminate or de-emphasize those that don't. 

Lead Qualification And Review

You'll need a process of lead qualification and review. Sales enablement helps you properly parse through data. Some businesses have qualification thresholds which differ from other, similar operations. Be prepared to customize your lead qualification process. The good news is there are tools designed to accommodate it.

Part of qualifying leads will depend on what profit limitations are. If it costs you $1k in marketing to produce $1,200 worth of value over the course of a month, you're probably working too hard for the $200 profit. The Huntsville HUG highlights tips and tricks to help determine the best way of qualifying leads for you and how to clearly see how much each sale costs your organization.

Most SMBs can't afford to spend $1k for only $200 in profit. Yet, many businesses struggle to have a clear view of what they're gaining from marketing investment, unable to see whether there is a poor ROI. The formula isn't the same for every business. Sales enablement helps you find yours, and use it to qualify leads. You can more accurately track how each sale evolves from marketing effort, and streamline your efforts. Lastly, review lead qualification techniques as your business grows and your clientele transition. You will likely want to adjust which leads are best to pursue.

Overall Sales Content Optimization

How long your content is, where white space is between paragraphs, the links you use, what images or videos you bring to varying blogs, how you distribute what you've produced,  guest blogging--all these things aid in optimization of content. Here's a more in-depth Hubspot article on the best SEO techniques of 2019. Even the best SEO techniques won't help you if you don't do the fine tuning needed to fit your business.

HubSpot sales enablement techniques help you continuously produce the best possible content, align it to your business, leading to increased conversions and higher ROI. There are analytical data sets that can help hone content design to absolute perfection, and some will be covered in the Huntsville HUG. 

Automation Technology In Email

HubSpot sales enablement encourages email outreach using CRM software which additionally "grades" leads and existing clientele. Certain clients are more or less likely to buy products or services from you. The client life cycle will have some level of statistically predictive potential you can co-opt into CRM automation for best results. This is not the same as the email marketing automation that takes place before a lead is handed off to sales. You will need to understand the difference and take steps to streamline how your sales team incorporates this technique in order to track effectiveness.

Honing Marketing Techniques For Greatest Impact

HubSpot sales enablement techniques involve helping you achieve balanced automation, optimal content design, proper lead qualification, effective review of lead qualification techniques, standardization of reporting, and effective implementation of analytics.  This sounds complicated but with the right tools and a little guidance it is achievable for most businesses willing to invest the time and effort.

Such techniques properly applied will increase ROI of marketing, enabling more sales conversions for the salespeople on your team. It won't happen overnight, but there is science behind sales and marketing. Doing so takes time, and you'll need guidance. That's what HUGs are for!

Sales enablement in HubSpot - Huntsville HUG August 2019 Event

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