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How to Be Memorable for Sales Presentations, Business Conferences and Training Events 

To truly influence an audience, whether it's in a sales setting, a training event or business conference, you'll need to tap into emotions and communication styles. 



View the Keynote Concert Video for an Example of Making Your Presentation Memorable!

I have many years of experience as a professional musician, entrepreneur, sales trainer and business speaker.  I found I can take advantage of my love for music, combine it with my business expertise and end up with presentations that are more relatable and engaging to people. They are much more likely to remember having met me when I've mixed in a few rounds at the piano. It has lead me to a completely unique way to teach a variety of business concepts and engaging people on an emotional level by associating key takeaways with music. 

Why does it work so well to add music into somewhat mundane business discussions? Obviously, adding music has made things much more entertaining for the listeners. This concept can work for you too, even if you aren't musically inclined. If you don’t strictly rely on the information you are offering or the product you are promoting, you have a much better chance of being remembered by people who see your presentation. How you deliver information can have a big impact. 

Research has shown that getting buy-in related to the information you're sharing is impacted by:

  • emotions,
  • the existence and depth of a relationship
  • the level of engagement
  • attention to how information is absorbed and digested by a person  

When it comes to sales presentations, considering that most personalities and communicative styles are people oriented, you can’t just rely on product knowledge or specifications alone to lead to a sale.

Creating a Memorable Presentation Experience

Do you remember your favorite teachers over the years? More than likely, they stand out for their ability to engage you instead of just droning out information. Maybe they captured your attention with jokes, props, stories, etc. Have you ever been to a conference and every session seemed the same, an overwhelming amount of information until you're no longer able to pay attention, finding yourself daydreaming? Nothing wrong with having your mind drifting a little bit but how can you keep this from happening when it's you doing the presenting? If you want you and your business to be remembered, you'll need to find ways to sensibly engage more of your audience’s senses and emotions.

Here are some simple things you can do now that will enhance your ability to make presentations fun and engaging regardless of the topic:

  • Take the time and spend the effort to develop the right skills. Don't wing it! Practice delivering the information you want to share and then fine tune it to add dimension to make it more interactive.
  • Make it relatable for your audience by including things about you on a personal level to find the common ground. For example, in my case it's music but for you it might be a hobby you can use to give anecdotal evidence about the key takeaways you'd like your audience to remember.
  • Mixed media. Think of your presentation like a project in an art class. Can you bring something to show the audience or pass around to them? Don't get carried away of course, but adding some simple three-dimensional props to your presentation can help you connect with more members of the audience by sharing your information in a variety of ways. 
  • Think of your presentation like a story, with a beginning a middle and an end. People digest information much more easily when it follows a storytelling type of format. Storytelling is a lot more interesting than listing information, right? Take advantage of this technique to increase the engagement level of your audience.
  • Custom package the information using personality types like DISC. Use the "something for everyone" approach and mix up the avenues for making your points.  Present the key points in several ways that are appealing to each of the personality types.

What is a Keynote Concert?

Use my example of the keynote concert as an illustration of creating your own way of making presentations. The video on this post provides an example of a brief keynote concert. It's a combination of business development and sales training topics delivered with my skills as a musician. It's a unique way I've found to engage an audience of business professionals at conferences. I take the usual tracks of necessary business information and give it more of an entertainment angle. It really helps people pay attention and retain what they learn and I love it because it gives me more opportunities to play and experiment with music.

Imagine, stories being delivered that offer two avenues for motivation two…business and music. Companies who feature me as their guest speaker provide a memorable experience for the audiences, leave them feeling happy about the company, the information is presented in a fun way and of course the music makes it seem more like entertainment than anything else.

Getting your audience members engaged leaves a lasting impression. They will remember what they learned at the session or meeting and end up applying it in their world, personally or professionally. Adding the auditory sense and some fun - like I do in my keynote concerts - will make a very appealing and soft approach toward your objective of leaving a lasting impression or even influencing a sale. I use my business and music background to generate interest in whatever I’m presenting. I love music and feel lucky because music happens to be the Universal language! Injecting your own personality is a key factor in more successful presentations that engage the audience and close more deals! 

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